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Best Device For Multi-Purpose Uses: Topcon RL-SV1S Laser Level Review

Best Device For Multi-Purpose Uses: Topcon RL-SV1S Laser Level Review

At the time of looking for a cost-effective and efficient laser level, you need to determine for what kind of project do you need the device and how advanced it should be? Topcon RL-SV1S laser level is a lightweight, compact, and tough device for all your professional needs. Today we are discussing all the features of this model that can make your work top-notch and perfect.

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Features of Topcon RL-SV1S Laser Level:

Long-Battery Life:

The battery life and running hours of this model are impressive for a user, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The operating time of the battery is about 120 hours on alkaline batteries. If you are using a Ni-MH battery pack, then the running time is about 65 hours. This laser level can work too long, and you don’t have to worry about charging when being on the job site.

Impressive Working Range:

Topcon RL-SV1S laser level is designed for all the major projects, and it can cover almost any kind of project with perfection. The working range of this professional device is impressive and it’s about 800m. This device has come up with remote control so you can operate it from some distance, and there will be no need to run towards the laser level to change the settings.

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IP66 Rated:

Topcon RL-SV1S laser level is IP66 rated and is responsible for protecting the device from rain, dust, and debris. It also provides support against weather and when you are working on a rough site that has an uneven surface, and you want a laser device to grip it strongly. IP66 rating means that your device will have a long life even if you are working on a construction site, and it will be easy for you to operate it.

Rotation Speed and Accuracy:

The rotation speed of this device is about 300, 600RPM, and it’s suitable for every professional out there who is looking for complete coverage at the job site. Other than rotation speed, this device has an amazing accuracy of about +/-10 arc seconds.

Other Features:

Topcon RL-SV1S laser level is a single slope device, and it has tough construction to survive in almost any kind of conditions. The horizontal self-leveling range of this device is about +/-5 degrees. The working range is about 2600ft.

Benefits of Using Topcon RL-SV1S Laser Level:

➜Topcon RL-SV1S laser level is a professional device that can support all your complex and basic projects with perfection and comfort.

➜It is loaded with all the advanced features, and it can be adjusted on almost any kind of surface. You don’t have to re-adjust the device, and it’s suitable for all ages.

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This professional laser level can work under extreme conditions, and it builds to provide support to all your tasks no matter if it’s indoor or outdoor. It’s suitable for working on all kinds of outdoor projects, and you will be able to get the right results.


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